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"They’re too heavy, uncle!" the boy muttered, angrily glancing at the two blades in his hands. He was used to practice with wooden swords - actually, he wasn’t used to practice very much at all, because he preferred to explore Thorin’s Halls, climbing each tree and each cliff, no matter how steep they were, mostly followed by his brother.

Now, the five-year-old sat under one of the trees close by, playing with his toys and not paying any attention to his brother and uncle.

"Why can’t I use the wooden ones anymore?" Fili asked, lifting the blades once more, trying to take position, "We’ve never used real weapons before!"

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    He finished his next bottle and grabbed a new one. “I will be sure to do that.”
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    Dís smiled and leaned back again. "Good." She took another drink. "Hey, you’ll tell Dwalin to go easy on them, eh? I...
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